QuickBeam Benefits

  • No additional structural or architectural design required.
  • No stripping and patching required.
  • Will enhance the finish of your project.
  • Working with you and your project.

    QuickBeam is a permanent pre-fabricated steel form system consisting of steel sides, soffit and reinforcing steel.
    Scissor stairs often have a spine wall carried on a concrete beam. Using QuickBeam formwork speeds up the placement of the beam form work and allows the flights and beam to be poured at the same time.

    Full Product Range

    QuickStair system

    The QuickStair stairform system is a faster and more cost effective way of forming concrete stairs.

    QuickBeam System

    QuickBeam is the faster way of forming beams in scissor stairs where the spine wall needs the support.

    Perforated Metals

    Partners Engineering specialise in the design and manufacture of perforated metal for a variety architectural and engineering applications.